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Sanja Mračević
Sanja Mračević
October 31, 2017

Marketing tricks – do they exist and where can you get a magic wand to turn you into an expert in this field? On Thursday, October 26, on the invitation of the Debate Club of the Faculty of Economics, my colleague Jelena Novaković and I went to our former (and current) faculty to discover these mysteries of the universe together with students. :)

EXCLUSIVE: 3 major marketing tricks you MUST know!

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We wanted to be completely honest and clarify some things at the very beginning: Marketing creates magic (or at least it should create it), but not with tricks. The secret of a good marketing recipe lies in just a few ingredients: knowledge, experience, wisdom and, of course, creativity.


With the help of one of the most valuable company resources: people, especially those who are devoted and completely dedicated to their job, that is, I dared to say based on personal experience, 99% of us in Bild Studio (1% is just a statistic error :) ). Some have been working here since the beginning, few of them after a favorite project of employees in Bild, Great Summer Internship, and 50 of them are our brand ambassadors without the title of employees – interns from another precious project – Transfer of Knowledge.

How do professionals deal with marketing?

Or how do we do it, Head of the Marketing, Dženita Brčvak, PR, Ljiljana Polić, digital marketing specialists, Miloš Dimić and Jelena Novaković, and copywriters, Jovana Đuričić and me?

We balance everyday communication with a large number of people, from clients of completely different sensibilities to colleagues from other sectors and performing our daily tasks.

And how do we perform our tasks? Well, at least, answer to this question is easy to give: we don’t start anything without a thorough research; we embrace Google and get in the action. :)

We need to follow up on the news because it doesn’t make sense to announce something about the solar eclipse that happened in the summer or to create posts for social media related to the European basketball championship that ended in mid-September, right?

Also, we have concluded that it’s important for all those who are involved in marketing to keep up with the trends in advertising and to test whether they are good for their brand promotion. Video content that appears on social networks more than ever, campaigns with influencers that conquer the region, blogs or vlogs dilemma and what to use in our business, all of this will appear in search results if we type words trends in marketing 2017 on Google search bar. We advised participants who carefully listened to us to regularly search them and to pay special attention at the end and beginning of each year to the experts’ predictions about what will be new in this field in the coming months.

The research is, after all, important because of the thing that is always in the marketer’s focus: target groups, so we have found out the formula that always makes it easy for us to work: don’t imagine a group of people, but rather focus on one person, representative of the population you want to connect with and sell your product. Give her a name, draw her up to the smallest detail, both on paper, and in your head, think about how old that person is, what he/she loves and what doesn’t, what he/she wants, what their fears are, ambitions and lifestyle and you will ease your work around this very important thing.

What after all this?

In the end, we had to reassure the audience and explain that, if they’ve defined their plan, conducted research and published content, this is not the end, but only the beginning of dealing with this interesting science. The following are the analysis and evaluations of the whole process that is important for 3 main reasons:

  • they help us see if we are doing a good job and have we achieved the set goal,
  • enable us to gain insight into what kind of promotions and communication channels deliver the best results and
  • they make it easier for us to work on ongoing or some completely new marketing activity.

Our presentation came to an end and it was time for the participants’ questions. Guided by the idea that people don’t ask anything when everything is completely clear to them, mainly because you have told already known story or when you were so boring that they want you just to disappear as soon as possible, we have been amazed with enthusiasm and numerous questions related to marketing specifics, advertising news, situation in Montenegro in this sphere, client’s understanding for marketing and we tried to figure out how long does one hashtag live. :)

We finished our presentation, but we stayed longer to hear the presentation of HR sector of Societe Generale Montenegro bank and we didn’t repent, because the curious spirit of the marketers was fed by new knowledge from another area.

Thanks again to the organizers for the invitation and we are looking forward to new opportunities for the exchange of knowledge, because, as they say: Knowledge only multiplies when shared. :)

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