Interns are working and studying hard

Milena Raičević
Milena Raičević
September 3, 2015

First App released

As you know, the internship has started and we are impatient to share our first results with you.

Interns have spent first seven days meeting our team members, introducing with new technologies, systems and software’s on which we currently work. After finishing this phase, they have started, with our mentors help, to solve programming tasks appearing on real life projects. In this way, up till now, all of them had an opportunity to learn technologies currently used in IT industry. All our interns are now familiar with programming principles used for development of the websites for Museums and Galleries Podgorica, and betting software’s for Sansa sports betting company. 

While learning how to develop parts of the system for above mentioned projects, in consultations with Sreten Madzgalj, one of the mentors, our interns have developed their first app. App is meant for planning tasks and chores, creating shopping lists and etc. It gives an opportunity of adding task, checking those that finished , filtering tasks, active tasks, and deleting finished task. App is to be accessed through the following link. In the programming process following technologies are used: jQuery and HTML / CSS. 

Our mentors for this internship group, are above mentioned Sreten, Lindon Camaj and Nenad Pejovic. On daily basis they create tasks for interns and help their realization. We must point out that we do have a pleasure to work with young and talented people from our universities, and we also hoped that they are satisfied with the way our team accepted them. It’s our pleasure to say, that we received all positive comments from our interns and we share only some of them. 

Darko Kascelan

“In Bild I gain an opportunity to work with young and talented developers. I am on the right place to start a successful career. “

Mirjana Cvjetic

“Internship in Bild Studio is a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge, and gain experience in the area of my interest. Working with experts in the area, that are ready to share their knowledge, is an experience that always motivates us to better and learn more.”

Neda Jelic

“During my studies I had not have a chance to to use my knowledge in practice. Intership in Bild Studio allowed me to learn from the best and expand my knowledge through work on real life projects. I hope to soon become member of Bild team”

Nikola Ivanovic

“Bild Studio is the right choice if you looking for the company to do intern in. Friendly people, always ready to help, relaxed atmosphere, great equipment and benefits are reasons for me to recoment Bild to anyone interested in technologies.” 

Miloš Baltic

“If the most important thing in life is a job you love, than my work in Bild additionally convinced me I am on the right path.”

Uroš Gogic

“Relaxed atmosphere and positive energy which Bild has, inspire and make you overcome all challenges quickly. It is a great opportunity and pleasure to be a part of Bild team. I have an opportunity to learn from the best.”

Vedran Lunic 

“Thanks to great devotion of our mentors, in short time I learned a lot of new technologies used in modern programming.”

Vladimir Djukanovic

“Being an intern in Bild turned out to be incredible experience that completely fulfilled, even went over, any of my expectations.”

This internship cycle, with nine interns, is only one step towards development of intern of larger extent which will start next year in support with all universities in Montenegro. More on this topic you can read in our previous post. Our desire is to sustainably do business and help, not only students from IT area, but also future professionals in other areas of our expertise. 

In addition to internship, and with a goal or growth and IT development in Montenegro, one of our long term goals is founding an IT association. This year we became a member of Board of the Association of Information and Communication Technologies, which we observe as an opportunity to join IT companies in Montenegro and expand cooperation with universities, so we could together work on development of this and similar projects. 

Concerning our interns, we hope they will fetch us some new and fresh projects soon and we will happily share them with you. Their success is our greatest reward for the effort invested, they make us proud. 

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