7 years of BILDing black and white world

Sanja Mračević
Sanja Mračević
March 15, 2017

If you are a true puzzle lover, then you surely know how much work, effort and persistence is needed to put all the pieces together. It is important not to be too hasty, have patience and leave the stress out. What always makes the job easier is the engagement of other people who are always ready to hup in and contribute when things go wrong, share their support and raise up the atmosphere.

As a result of years of dedicated work, Bild Studio assembles its puzzle of one of the fastest growing creative agencies in Montenegro, with more than 1000 projects and more than 400 clients.

Just as each individual in certain period of life sums up what he or she has achieved, thus a year older Bild Studio made a recap of its accomplishments in 2016 for its 7th birthday :)

This is our puzzle

In the last 365 days, a number of clients from different industries and business knocked on the door of our black and white agency with different requests. We embraced the challenge to resolve them all and put a pinch of our personal touch. We worked hard on the development of new, diverse products for our existing and new clients. Each new web site was a piece of puzzle which was looking for its place among other parts – designed logos, restaurant menus and identity cards of any business, a.k.a. brand books.

We are especially proud of raising up the cooperation with the Swedish company Nilex AB to a higher level. Two years ago, we were included in the development of software for service management, which is used by companies such as Burger KingJagermeisterNordsee and many others, and, since February 2017, we are proud official distributor of Nilex platform for the Balkan countries.

In the previous year, Bild Studio entered the EU arena, and thus became one of the first ICT companies in Montenegro to implement projects financed from the EU funds.

We represented companies of different profiles on social networks, conducted branding and rebranding, and parallelly shared professional, informative and entertaining content via our communication channels. Campaigns, conceived by creative minds of Bild, quickly became viral as our content shared via various channels of communication. See the champions in this category. :)

Another achievement of which we are particularly proud of is the development of a new Bild Studio’s brand. It’s the Epikad host, an independent brand in hosting services, server maintenance, sites and livestreaming. For our “newborn”, we went a step further and dared to break the rule of “no more than three colors” and now it’s up to you to evaluate how successful we were. :)

Rise of an empire

All the milestones required a reinforcement. We got stronger through arrival of the new forces to assist in assembling the Bild puzzle and become its crucial part. In the past 365 days, our team became richer for:

  • 10 interns from the “National Program of Vocational Education and Training in Higher Qualification”
  • 44 interns
  • 9 employees

As a highlight of the year, we present you a Bild Summer Internship, through which 12 people had the opportunity to learn new trends in marketing, design and information technology. The experiences of interns and the working atmosphere during this internship showed that, in the end, sacrificing sunbeds and umbrellas, was totally worth it.

The epilogue of the story: 7 new employees and award to Bild Studio for good business practice in the area of improving the skills of pupils and students.

Due to the great interest of young people in our internship programs, another project kicked off in December 2016 in cooperation with the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, University of Donja Gorica. Through this project, 50 interns will have the opportunity to complete their knowledge in the fields of marketing, design and IT. 

Bild’s people are its fundamental value, without whom the pieces of the puzzle wouldn’t find their place. Because of this, we are constantly investing in the development of all our members, always striving to provide them new and interesting lectures. Thus, Bild force organized 11 and visited 17 different events in the last year.

Precious moments of rest; team BILDings are there to not forget how important it is to get to know the builders of your masterpiece. They are here to remind you once again that the true wealth is to be surrounded by good people who are always driven by the desire for personal and collective success.

Thanks to all who are following us, and who have been with us for these 7 years. The cake is here and we are waiting for you! :)

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